Well what can I say, not much progress has been made with Olivia’s baby signing, but that’s ok she is not going to get it straight away. She loves waving bye bye to Daddy when he leaves for work and the girls at day care where she goes tell me she waves to everyone. So I can at least tell she can do that baby sign! She also thinks she is very clever when she claps her hands
I am changing my approach with teaching her to Baby Sign Language, because she is such a laid back, HAPPY baby. She does not need Baby Signing for communicating. What she wants as she just goes with the flow. So I am trying the ‘motivational’ approach. So now I am trying to teach her signs for toys that she wants. For example she has ‘Sophie’ a giraffe that she loves, so now when she wants ‘Sophie’ I sign giraffe. Also whenever I turn a light on she can see I sign light and when we see a bird I sign bird just to name a few. I am hoping the change to ‘motivational’ signing will help kick start her along. There are no hard and fast rules to Baby Signing; I think trial and error is the key. See what is best for you and your! And to have fun in the process!!!
On the other hand, Ava my oldest loves learning new signs. With the signs she already knows I can do the sign with out talking and she knows what I am saying. For example the other day she was taking food from a table that was not hers and I saw her doing it and I signed ‘no’ to her, she just looked at me I kept signing no and she eventually took her hand away. She was such a good girl.
She knows a lot of signs already. We eventually might be able to have secret mummy, daughter conversations with out daddy knowing!!
I have also noticed her speech is a lot clearer and I believe signing has helped her with this, when she is talking to me she will sign as well if she knows the sign for the word she is saying.
We went to our first baby signing class last week with ‘Tiny Hands Talk’ and Ava loved it. We had a lot of fun!!