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Little "Signing Stars" updates

Olivia update

I was just wanting to give you an update on how Olivia’s Baby signing is going.
Well she now waves goodbye to daddy when he leaves for work every morning. she thinks she is so clever, and she has signed “eat” a few times since my last entry. She is going well(i think anyway. Olivia will be 9mths soon. She is growing up so fast.


Little "Signing Stars" updates

Olivia’s baby sign diary

My name is Kylie, and I am apart of the Signing Stars team. My interest in baby sign language started about 1yr ago, and now I have started baby signing with Olivia. I started baby signing when she was about 7mths. I noticed she would watch my actions of the sign “eat”. Although she could not do it, she watched me very intently. Now she is just over 8mths, I think she did her first sign to “eat”. I was so happy to see it, even though she has not done it since, she still watches my action and now I also get her big sister to do it as well. Ava is two, and I am also teaching her to sign and she is very good at it. I can say a word she knows the sign for and she does the sign without any prompting. I am hoping she can help me teach Olivia along the way.
Keep a watch out for more Olivia baby signing updates, I will be updating you on her progress

Happy signing

Baby Sign Language

What does learning to Baby Sign involve?

Learning sign language with your child is not meant to be a time-consuming chore. Rather, it can be worked easily into your daily life as a natural part of communication and it should be a fun journey!

No prior knowledge of sign language is required! Most parents learn right along with their children with the aid of sign language tools and resources.

You can start as early as six months of age. Remember, though, that babies can take weeks or even months before making their first sign.

Simply choose a sign (or several signs) to begin with and use it when you have your baby’s complete attention. For example, use the sign for “milk” just before breastfeeding or giving a bottle. Use it consistently, and soon your baby will begin to understand your signs, and eventually communicate them back to you!

Happy Signing!

Baby Sign Language

Why Teach Baby Sign Language To Your Baby?

To reduce frustration, to increase communication,to find out what your baby wants and needs before they start crying. These are all reasons to start signing with your baby. The use of baby sign language is emerging all over the world as parents and caregivers find out how amazing it really is!

By the time your baby is 8-10months old they are capable of telling you what they want but just dont yet have the verbal skills to do so. Baby sign language can fill this gap and enable communication before your child can speak. Many babies naturally develop their own simple signs anyway – beginning with just a wave for “bye bye”.

Using baby sign language expands on this innate skill by encouraging him to use a wide variety of signs to express his needs – the benefits of which are clear to any parent!

Visit the Signing Stars website for more information and some great products to help you get started with Baby Sign Language.