Signing Stars endorsement by Deaf Australia Inc.

Signing Stars are very excited to announce that our products have been officially endorsed by Deaf Australia Inc. Deaf Australia is committed to promoting and preserving sign language as the official and indigenous language of the Deaf community.
Today, many materials are being published that claim to use and/or teach Auslan and some of these materials use Auslan incorrectly. Signing Stars are committed to ensuring our products are true to Auslan and we are grateful that Deaf Australia are prepared to guide us to achieve this.
Our entire current range of sign language resources have passed endorsement and we have more products to come that are currently being assessed.
Signing Stars products are therefore suitable for both hearing and non hearing children and their families, to use in their journey of learning to communicate with sign language. Our hope is that our products assist all children to communicate their needs, feelings and thoughts to the world.