Australian Baby Signing Testimonials

“I have to say your products are the best that I have seen for teaching sign to babies – I bought them for myself and a gift for a friend, and our little ones are both signing away! […] I love your products, the illustrations and the range of signs!”

Saffron signing ‘Milk’
“I have the stickers around the house – it’s great 🙂 Love the product – have moved house, taken the stickers down and popped them up again! Works a treat as a reminder to do my signs! ”
Heatherbell – Mum to Saffron

“I received my package yesterday and the whole family is already having fun signing to our nearly two year old and we will start on the five month old as soon as possible. The 22 month old has been a bit delayed in his speech and has already learned four signs so the new signs will be very helpful for him.”
Tasha – Mum

“Received products today and I really like them, especially the little Signs That Move cards, great for giving to Grandparents or other family members to get them on board! My older boy, who is 3, loved them too, and although he signed loads as a baby, he doesn’t do it often now, but he was looking at the cards and trying to copy them. I will definitely be putting in a larger order from you at a later date. I also look forward to seeing more products, an alphabet range, colours, counting, emotions, food signs would be great. Thanks a lot and good luck with your business”
Alison – Mum and Baby Sign Language Instructor

“Signing with my daughter, Mia, was recommended to me from a friend when I expressed how frustrated I was not knowing what she wanted from me. I didn’t start until 7 months but she picked up the basics really quickly. Your signing products have been fabulous for us. The stickers for around the house were especially helpful in including Daddy in our new language! I must say Mia and I are getting along much better now because of signing!”
Tess – Mum

“The Signing Stars ‘Signs That Move’ are really popular with my clients! They are great!”
Amanda – Baby Signing Class Instructor

“such beautiful products”
Renee – Baby Signing Class Instructor

“I love the Signing Stars products, they’re great. Really good to give to Grandma and Grandad, so they can get on board with signing too!”
Ali – Mum

“You’re resources are nice and bright and catchy – everyone loves them.”
Karina – Baby Signing Class Instructor